Christmas recipe from Russia ;)

How do you know, in Russia traditional salad on christmas is “Olivier”
So, I would like to share on with you guys, the great recipe of that salad.. It is very tasty, and look good on christmas dinner.

To prepare the salad “Olivier” is necessary:

1) Get and cook (in uniform) potatoes (2 pcs.) Clean, finely chopped, put in a bowl.

2) Get pickles (can be fresh) and cut into small pieces, put in a bowl with the potatoes (paragraph 1).

3) Next, take a 150 gr. sausage.

4) Finely chop, put it into our bowl (item 2).

5) Next, take 30 oz. green onions.

6) Finely chop it and put in a bowl (item 4).

7) Then take the 2 eggs, boil them for about 20 minutes after cooking, substitute them under cold water, peel the eggs, then cut them up and put in our bowl (item 6).

8) Add 100 grams. green peas.

9) Add salt (0.5 tsp) and mayonnaise (to taste), mix thoroughly the contents of our bowls, and now salad “Olivier” can serve.

Enjoy 😉


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